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Chewing On This Can Break Your Teeth

Brushing Teeth Don't chew on ice. If you chew or bite ice you maybe setting yourself up for dental pain. Ice can cause changes in temperature and pressure that can crack your teeth. When your expose your teeth to extremes in temperature such drinking a cold beverage while eating hot food, the enamel of your tooth expands and contracts possibly leaving small crevices where food and plaque can accumulate. If these small gaps get larger or you bite in just the right place you can crack your tooth. So leave the ice in your glass.

It's not just ice either. You can crack or break a tooth by chewing on other hard foods such as hard candy, nuts. A blow to your face such as an accident can break many teeth at once. Grinding your teeth together (called bruxism) is another way. If you've had a root canal make sure you finish the tooth with an adequate restoration or crown. A root canal can leave your tooth brittle making it more susceptible to breaking if not properly restored.

These cracked teeth may hurt not just in your pocket book but in your mouth also. When pressure is applied to the cracked tooth it can cause pain. This is because the tooth opens or spreads apart at the crack. Over time this can irritate the tooth leading to a root canal, crown or even the loss of the tooth.

Don't be too alarmed if you look close at your teeth and see cracks in them. Small cracks are common and rarely cause problems. If you have pain when you eat make sure you see your dentist. Your dentist will diagnose the problem and give you options on what the best treatment is for you.

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