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Protect your child from oral injury: Tips from your Chicago dentist

Happy young mother with son It is often said that being a parent is a full time job. Actually, it's several full time jobs, and one of the most difficult is keeping your child safe. Sometimes injuries are unavoidable, especially with kids. However, in many situations they can be avoided if you know what to watch for.

It's too hard!

Biting hard objects is a common cause of broken or fractured teeth. Be sure that your child understands the dangers of biting or chewing on things that are not food. It helps to set a good example here, if you have habits like chewing on pens, now would be a good time to stop.

Play fair

Kids tend to push and shove each other when playing. This is a problem for several reasons. While it may be in good fun, it can be a sign of bullying. Additionally, even the most amicable childhood wrestling match can lead to someone landing on the ground face first with a broken tooth or other injuries.

Good sports

Sports activities are a great way for kids to stay in shape, make friends, and release excess energy in a healthy way. However, a football game is no safer than running and tackling each other on the playground unless safety measures are in place. Make sure your child knows and respects the rules of the game, as well as wearing appropriate protective gear.

We all fall down

Falling is one of the most common causes of childhood injuries, including oral injuries. Running is part of childhood, and sometimes it doesn't end well. You can minimize the risk of falls or injury by teaching safe habits. Some of the most important include not running on stairs, not running with objects in their mouths, and not running on slick, cluttered, or uneven surfaces.

Of course, not every injury can be prevented. You can cover, hide, pad, protect, and lock everything in your house, only to discover that your little one was climbing the drawer fronts like a ladder while you were busy installing the stove burner guards. The older they get, the more creative they get about finding new hazards. If oral injury occurs, remember, we offer same day service for dental emergencies, and a fun upbeat atmosphere that puts kids (and parents) at ease. Just call us at 773-772-8400.

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