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What can I do to sooth my child’s teething pain?

A Girl having Tooth ache Teething usually takes place when your child is between three months and two years. While some children may start showing teeth soon after their third month, others may wait as long as a year before a single white tooth appears. Teething pain is likely to start a month or two before the appearance of the first tooth. The gums usually become swollen and tender when the baby teeth start to exert an upward pressure on them.

As parents, keep an eye out for symptoms of teething such as bright red cheeks, low fever, and changes in nursing, feeding or sleeping patterns of your child. You may also want to look for inflamed or swollen gums, a mild rash around the mouth or even an unexpected diaper rash.

Here are a few remedies that can be useful to sooth your child’s teething pain;

Massage your child’s gums with your fingertips. Usually babies enjoy this, and it helps to relieve the pain. You can also moisten a few washcloths and put them in the freezer. Then present them to your child and make them chew on it. Buy a few teething toys and store in the fridge or freezer before inviting your child to chew on them. This will keep the gums cool and ease teething pains considerably.

If your child is old enough for drinks other than breast milk or formula, try giving them cool, icy drinks or even smooth and comforting foods such as applesauce or yogurt.

You may also notice your child drooling more than usual. This is quite common as it accompanies teething. Use a tissue or warm washcloth to clean the area around your child’s mouth to help prevent the "drool rash." Topical teething gel can also be used to numb the gums and tongue, but use it sparingly. It is always best to use a natural version made with clove oil.

If none of these remedies seem to work, acetaminophen drops or ibuprofen infant drops are also an option. However, this is recommended as a last resort and it should first be run by your baby's doctor or dentist.

However, keep in mind to constantly hold and play with your child even more during teething, as it provides the comfort and distraction that cannot be as effective as any other medical treatment available in store!

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