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Urban legend in Chicago, IL – the root canal

Smiling Woman We all know better than to believe everything we hear; yet sometimes we do anyway. That is what stops many people from getting a much needed root canal procedure.

Surely you have “heard” how this procedure is lengthy, costly, and so painful. These stories, much like urban legends, do not come from firsthand experience, or reliable media outlets. You hear about the horror stories someone else heard about… Where the idea began is impossible to trace, though it is most likely just a stubborn relic of the days before medical and dental techniques, or anesthesia, were refined.

The modern root canal, as described by patients and reliable medical texts, bears little resemblance to the urban legends you have heard. Anesthesia is used to numb the area during the procedure. Most patients feel nothing at all, while the dentist removes infected pulp and seals the canal. After the numbness wears off, there will be some soreness, comparable to the way you might feel after getting a standard filling. This can usually be controlled with over the counter pain reliever, and should wear off in a day or two.

No, a root canal really isn’t the traumatic experience you have heard described. Actually, it is just the opposite. When the pulp in your tooth becomes infected, the blood flow and pressure increases, becoming painful. Your tooth may be temperature sensitive and painful when you bite down. An infection pocket, called an abscess, can form. A root canal procedure removes this infected, damaged pulp – which is the cause of the pain!

Root canals are successful more than 95 of the time. Success means the pain causing infection is removed, and the tooth is saved. After the root canal procedure is complete, the tooth is usually crowned to prevent damage or reinfection. The crown also covers any cosmetic damage.

Don’t let urban legends keep you from getting the dental care you deserve. Come to Big Smile Dental in Chicago IL, where a root canal can stop your pain, save your tooth, and give you back your dazzling smile!

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