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Why are Root Canal Procedures Performed?

Smiling Woman Root canals are among the most important procedures in dentistry to prevent the tooth structure from undergoing further degeneration after tooth decay, disease or injury. Root canal procedures aim to ensure that the root of the tooth maintains its health even when the tooth’s nerve has been infected. A root canal stops the tissues surrounding an infected tooth’s root from getting afflicted with the harmful bacterial. This keeps the tooth free from inflammation in the area surrounding the infected tooth.

The process of root canal treatment involves the thorough cleaning and removal of infectious bacteria, the organic debris collected due to damage or decay of the nerve tissue, and bacterial toxins from the innermost aspects of the infected tooth. All of these have the potential to cause an inflammatory response in the body if left unattended.

After the tooth has been cleaned up, the second part of the procedure includes filling and sealing of the inner portions of the tooth. This is done with the aim of preventing the ultimate breakdown of the tooth structure. The sealing process also ensures that any organic debris that may still remain after the root canal cleansing gets contained and cannot leak out to cause an inflammation.

When there is an infection in the human body, there is a presence of white blood cells that can fight the infection but in the case of tooth infections the situation becomes a little different. Once the harmful bacteria have infected the tooth nerve region, there is no real way for white blood cells to fight the bacteria. The end result of this situation is that the bacteria continue to thrive in that region in the absence of the body’s defense mechanism to fight them off successfully. This is where the root canal treatment plays a crucial role, and provides the major cleansing of the bacterial infection. Once the infection has been completely removed through the root canal procedure your dentist will then perform other procedures to protect the tooth structure.

Dr. Theodore Siegel’s “Big Smile Dental” office in Chicago excels in performing root canal procedures. Dr. Siegel and his team use the safest and most advanced dental tools and techniques to perform root canal procedures entirely painlessly and with complete success.

Root Canal Therapy

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