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Getting to the root (canal) of the matter: Solving Chicago toothaches

Woman smiling Pain is an unfortunate part of life. Some things, like stubbed toes or paper cuts, are fleeting and easily ignored. Others, like sore muscles following a healthy workout, we just learn to live with. And then there are certain pains that you can't ignore or adapt to and they just won't go away, like a chronic toothache or the sound of your boss's voice. Don't worry, if you have a toothache the amazing team at Big Smile Dental in Chicago has a solution. Sorry, we can't help you with the other one.

What causes toothaches

The first step in solving a problem is determining what caused it. Teeth are designed to be pretty secure. There is a fragile, sensitive nerve in there, but it is safely tucked in the root canal, surrounded by a thick layer of tooth material. For something to make your tooth hurt, it has to get through its armor. There are several possibilities:
  • Exposure to extreme temperature can heat or chill the entire tooth enough to affect the nerve.
  • Oral injury, which can be as simple as biting down on something too hard, can fracture or break a tooth. It can also cause temporary soreness, even if no damage was done.
  • Food or objects stuck between teeth can cause pain, by putting pressure on the teeth.
  • Cavities or worn down teeth reduce the amount of tooth material between the surface and the nerve, increasing your sensitivity to pressure and temperature.
  • If cavities or other damage goes deep enough to reach the pulp chamber and root canal, the nerve can be exposed or even injured. This also gives bacteria a passageway to the middle of the tooth, and infection can set in.

Curing toothaches

We know what you are probably thinking, “Don't say I need a root canal!” If the dental pulp (soft stuff in the middle of the tooth) is not injured or infected, we can simply restore the tooth and the problem should be solved. The only way to know this is to see a dentist for an examination. However, contrary to popular belief, the procedure is not torturous or traumatic, and it is certainly no reason to procrastinate on seeing a dentist when you are suffering with a toothache.

Your smile should make you happy, and if it hurts, something is wrong. Don't suffer with dental pain; let us help. Call 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment.

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