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Root Canal to the Rescue!

Smile A root canal treatment is done on patients who suffer from a significant amount of tooth decay that has reached the dental pulp area and has caused the tooth nerve to die. Through a root canal procedure, dentists are not only able to stop the infection but also save the tooth from extraction.

Essentially, during a root canal, your dentist will take out the contents of the dental pulp area of your tooth and put in a filling. As a result, the further spread of the bacterial infection will be prevented, the toothache will stop and the healing process will begin.

The first step in a root canal treatment procedure involves the numbing of the patient’s gums, teeth, tongue, and skin in the affected area. As a result, relaxation will be guaranteed and the pain reduced.

The next step will involve the separation of the infected tooth from the patient’s other teeth through the use of a rubber dam which will be placed on a frame made of metal. As a result of this protective sheet, the patient’s mouth and throat is protected from any falling liquid and debris from the procedure.

Thereafter, the dental pulp area of the infected tooth will be removed and the resulting empty region will be filled with medicine and the final root canal filling substance. Following this step, a root canal treatment procedure normally concludes. However, if a dentist decides that a crown is needed to safeguard the tooth from fractures, an impression of the treated tooth will be taken. Once the crown is prepared and made, it will be placed and cemented on top of the treated tooth.

For most people, the mere thought of a root canal procedure brings feelings of fear and pain. But with modern technology and techniques, a root canal treatment barely causes noticeable pain and discomfort. Let go of your fears and undergo a root canal to save your tooth and your smile!

Root Canal Therapy

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