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Avoid extractions and complications with a root canal procedure

Smiling Woman Root canal procedures can restore teeth that even in recent decades would have been extracted. Extraction has historically been the answer to many tooth ailments. With the root canal procedure, a tooth can be saved by cleaning out the innermost structure and removing decayed tissue.

Root canal therapy may be suggested if you:
  • Need to restore a tooth that has had repeated dental procedures
  • Have a tooth so severely decayed that it can’t be treated with a simple filling
  • Must restore a tooth with a very large filling
  • Have a severe break or fracture
The above conditions and many other problems can be effectively treated with a root canal procedure. Big Smile Dental starts by accessing the root canal system where the innermost part of the tooth resides. Once this area is cleaned out and infected tissues are removed, the root canal is filled. The area that was accessed for cleaning is then sealed.

In some cases, all you may need is a cosmetic filling. In cases where a tooth may be badly damaged or decayed, you may need a crown. This type of restoration is designed to rebuild lost tooth structure and is frequently made out of tooth-colored porcelain or a mix of porcelain and metal.

In the unlikely event a root canal-restored tooth fails, you have options.

Root canal-restored teeth have a high success rate and they are long lasting. However, not all teeth can be saved with a root canal procedure. Should Big Smile Dental extract your tooth, there are many options for replacement.

Bone loss starts very early after teeth are pulled, and can have a profound effect on your appearance and on functions such as eating and speaking. For this reason, Big Smile Dental will want to fill the gap where your tooth used to be quickly.

Alternatives include dental bridges whereby the new tooth or pontic is anchored to adjacent or abutment teeth, and dental implant-supported teeth designed to look and function like your natural tooth by rebuilding the entire tooth, starting with the titanium root and followed by a crown.

If you live in the Chicago area, find out how a root canal procedure may be able to get you back to feeling better and looking your best. Call 773-772-8400 to schedule an appointment.

Root Canal Therapy

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