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Excruciating Pain? Cease it with a Root Canal

Toothache If you are suffering from excruciating tooth pain, it could mean one thing. Your tooth has been infected so much that decay and bacteria has progressed to nerve of the tooth. The overwhelming pain that you are experiencing is caused from the infection of the nerve. With a visit to Big Smile Dental in Chicago, your pain can be taken away through a procedure called a root canal.

The part of a tooth where the nerve resides is known as the dental pulp. It consists of a collection of nerves and blood vessels which conduct the functions of sensation and blood supply to the inside part of a tooth. Once this area gets infected with bacteria, our bodies cannot fight with white blood cells since a very small blood vessel is present inside.

A root canal procedure starts with the cleaning of the infected dental pulp area. Following the cleaning process, your dentist will take out any infectious bacteria, bacterial toxins and any organic debris which has resulted from damage or decay of the nerve. By removing all of these, you will no longer be prone to any inflammatory infections again.

Thereafter, the last part of the root canal procedure entails the placement of a filling and sealing of the inner cleaned region of the tooth. By doing this, the integrity of the tooth structure can be saved from any future breakages and fractures. Furthermore, by sealing this area, any future bacterial infections will also be prevented since bacteria cannot get in. The primary function of a root canal procedure is to save your tooth and your health.

Root Canal Therapy

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