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Say farewell to the toothache

Patient and a Dentist You have a toothache. It goes away, and comes back again. It hurts when you chew, drink something hot, or drink something cold. There are many possible causes, usually relating to untreated decay or gum disease. The real question is "Why do you still have a toothache?" Most likely, the answer is because you are afraid of a root canal. Your Chicago dentist at Big Smile Dental could end the pain, suffering, difficulty eating, and recurring infections – but you choose the toothache. It just might be time to reconsider that choice, because:
  • Ignoring it won't make it go away. If you need root canal treatment, that means there are bacteria thriving in the spaces inside your teeth. You can't get in there to brush and floss, and bacteria don’t move out when they’ve found a good home. Your problems will only get worse until the root canal is cleaned, sterilized, and sealed.

  • You might not need a root canal. Wear, decay, and damage can expose sensitive, inner layers of teeth, resulting in pain. You may only need a filling, or another restoration to protect the nerves. At this stage, the root canal might still be healthy, but that can change. The damaged area can harbor bacteria and infection, making the root canal vulnerable. If you procrastinate about treatment long enough, you probably will need a root canal.

  • Root canals aren't medieval torture. This is probably the most important point to understand. No matter what misinformation you may have heard, a root canal treatment is virtually painless. We numb the area, so you will be comfortable. When the local anesthetic wears off, there may be slight soreness, which will quickly fade. Most patients describe it as similar to getting a filling.
Are you ready to give up that toothache yet? Unless you have grown fond of its persistent presence, we recommend getting treatment as soon as possible. When treatment is complete, (even if it's a root canal) you'll be wondering why you didn't come see us a long time ago! Call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment – let us give you a reason to smile!

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