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What to expect: Root canal treatment from your dentist in Chicago

Perfect Smile with TeethYou are probably familiar with root canal treatment. Even if you've never had the procedure done, you have surely heard of it. What you may not realize is that, in all likelihood, most of what you've heard is wrong.

It's not a method of medieval torture, as some people would have you believe. In reality, it is a safe, reliable, comfortable dental procedure, which happens to be victim to rampant misinformation and urban legend. Furthermore, we take steps to make every procedure gentle and give every patient a reason to smile. That explains why the practice is named "Big Smile Dental"! So, what does root canal treatment in our office involve?
  1. Consultation – First, we will look at the tooth to make sure that a root canal procedure is needed. If so, we will explain the process, answer your questions, and determine whether a crown will be needed.
  2. Antibiotics – If the tooth is infected, you may be given a prescription for oral antibiotics.
  3. Anesthesia – Yes, we numb the area before we start working.
  4. Tooth preparation – Your dentist will create a very small opening in the upper part of the tooth, and the injured or diseased dental pulp is removed, just as the decay is removed before a filling can be placed.
  5. Sterilizing – Medication is applied to eliminate any lingering bacteria, so infection won't return.
  6. Filling – Finally, the canal is filled with a soft, resilient, natural substance called gutta percha, and it is thoroughly sealed to keep bacteria from re-entering.
  7. Restoration – At this point, you are done with the "root canal" part of things. (Didn't hurt as bit, did it?) The last step is repairing the hard layers of the tooth.

Your dentist might simply place a cosmetic filling in the access opening. However, depending on the location of the tooth and other factors, a dental crown may be recommended. It shrouds the tooth with high-strength dental porcelain, protecting it from fracture or other damage. A crown will also correct any cosmetic damage to the tooth.

Don't fear the root canal procedure. It is your friend. It can eliminate toothaches that, without treatment, would likely keep getting worse until they became unbearable. If you are in pain, there is no reason to hide from the people who can help you! Call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment.

Root Canal Therapy

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