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What is a root canal in Chicago, IL?

Man with smileA root canal may sound like an agricultural ditch, but it is actually part of a tooth. Deep in the middle of the tooth is a pulp chamber, containing soft tissues. The root canals extend from the pulp chamber into the jawbone. The term root canal is also commonly used to describe the procedure of removing infection from those chambers. Technically, this procedure is called root canal therapy or endodontic therapy.

The root canal procedure is badly misunderstood. You have probably heard that the procedure itself is painful, or that it does not stop the toothaches. These ideas are born of vivid imaginations and stories of root canals in the “old days.” There was a time when dentists had few effective options for numbing their patients. Early root canal procedures often failed because, without diagnostic technology, it was easy for the dentist to miss some of the infection.

While root canal procedures probably were traumatic a century ago (and unpleasant just a few decades ago), times have changed. Unfortunately, the common perception of this procedure hasn't. Just imagine if we judged everything based on historical failures or problems. We would not believe that airplanes and automobiles are effective or reliable, and we wouldn't even believe that the internet would be possible. In truth, our society embraces advanced technology and innovation in most areas. Yet the poor root canal continues to be plagued by stigmas of the past.

A root canal procedure is comfortable and effective, thanks to today's techniques and technology, coupled with the elevated standard of care here at Big Smile Dental. If you have an infected tooth, it can cause chronic or frequent toothaches, temperature sensitivity, and abscessed teeth. The only way to stop this pain and misery, besides removing the tooth, is with a root canal. It is a very straightforward process, and the tooth is completely numbed before work ever begins. Most patients report that the procedure is actually very similar to getting a filing. Some even complain about root canals being boring!

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Root Canal Therapy

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