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What Chicago needs to know about the root canal procedure

Man with smileDentistry gets a bad rap; some people seem to think that we are sadists at heart. If you have ever experienced the gentle compassion, and quality work of the Big Smile Dental team, you know better. At least, you know better until you hear those two words. Even the most relaxed and confident patient will react like a child who saw a monster under the bed when we say "root canal."

Why does this phrase strike a chord of sheer terror? What is so awful about this procedure? If you really want to know, we'll tell you: Nothing, Nothing at all. The traumatic part of the procedure, like the monster that haunted your childhood, isn't there! So, let's get a flashlight to look for that monster, and see what we really find.

To begin with, root canal therapy is even better than harmless. It will relieve your pain. You might not think your tooth is infected if there are no outward signs. However, if it keeps aching, chances are bacteria are thriving in the middle of the tooth. All it takes is a small fracture or deep cavity to let infection in. Once it starts, it won't clear up on its own. It will spread, pressurizing your tooth, causing more pain, until it is treated.

The procedure is completed in just a few, comfortable steps:
  1. The tooth is numbed. This is the important one – today we have better anesthetics and techniques, so the process truly is comfortable.
  2. Your dentist will create a small opening to access the canal.
  3. The infection, diseased tissue, and everything else you don't want living in your tooth is removed.
  4. The opening is filled and sealed to keep bacteria out.
  5. When the anesthetic wears off, your tooth might be a little sore. Yes, just a little, and it will fade quickly. Most patients say it is just like getting a filling.
  6. In most cases, the process is completed with a gorgeous porcelain crown, to protect the tooth and restore its appearance.

Don't hide from the dentist when you have a toothache. Just visit Big Smile Dental, at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment – there is nothing to fear!

Root Canal Therapy

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