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All about Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments

Smiling Woman Anyone who is desperately looking for a way to whiten their teeth should seriously consider laser teeth whitening. This procedure is undoubtedly the most effective and quickest way of whitening your teeth with the assistance of a dentist or any other provider. Despite the effectiveness and the speed of this treatment, many people think twice about this treatment mostly because of its cost which could be anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

As a first step to the laser teeth whitening procedure, the dentist will place a device inside your mouth. This device will help expose the teeth by spreading out the gums and lips away from the face. This will make it easier for him or her to work with your teeth. A petroleum jelly-based product or Vaseline is applied all over the gums and lips. This will help keep your mouth moist and prevent the laser from acting on these areas.

In the next step, a gel containing hydrogen peroxide is filled into a tray and the teeth are exposed to this tray. Or, the dentist may paint the gel directly onto the patient's teeth. Although dentists usually exercise extra care to make sure that the gel does not get onto the gums, if this happens the patient may experience some gum sensitivity during the procedure and afterwards.

The final step comprises of a laser being placed in front of the mouth of the patient. The patient will then wait until the particular time period is finished. Usually the patient will have to go through three sets of twenty minute treatments or two sets of thirty minute treatments. Once the time is up, the dentist will wipe off the gel from the patient's teeth and then remove the device from the mouth of the patient. There afterwards, the patient will be instructed to rinse the mouth vigorously with water and so remove any gel which may remain.

As a post-treatment procedure, the patient will be provided with a whitening gel, toothpaste and trays which they can use at home as per provided directions. In case you experience gum or tooth sensitivity, the patient should take care when drinking or eating hot or cold food. This is because the gums and teeth may continue to be sensitive for one or two days after the treatment. However, the sensitivity will disappear within this period.

Patients can expect their teeth's color to improve by at least three color shades. It is important to not drink or eat food which has a tendency to stain; take care for at least three days after the procedure as teeth are prone to staining during this time. You can eat and drink normally afterwards. Depending on your treatment, the results can last for any period between six months to two years. After this period, you may have to go through the treatment again to get back your white teeth.

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