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Is the laser necessary with Zoom whitening?

Smiling Woman The Zoom! teeth whitening procedure is rapidly gaining popularity for the comfort and effectiveness with which it produces amazing results. Performed by a trained cosmetic dental professional in under an hour, Zoom! guarantees a smile that's at least eight shades brighter.

This is how it works. Your teeth are cleaned of debris and plaque in preparation. Then, a mouth brace is placed to gently keep your mouth open and comfortable, and your lips and gums are covered, exposing only your teeth. The Zoom! gel is applied a total of three times, at fifteen minute intervals, with the laser directed towards your teeth after each application. During the forty five minutes that the procedure is carried out, the stubborn discolorations are fought and cleared. As a result, your smile is transformed to a new, glistening shade of white.

So is the laser really necessary? Well, your teeth do get whiter with the use of the Zoom! gel alone as it has a profound whitening effect. Still, thorough studies carried out by Discus Dental- the creators of the innovative Zoom! technology- and Universities across the country have proven that the laser is necessary. The two components, the laser and the gel work to their optimum potential in conjunction.

This is because the laser brings about quicker results. It brings about more rapid improvements in teeth color, and has been used in recent years, with a growing fan base. In fact, the celebrity dazzle can be achieved only if laser is used, and is supplemented by specially formulated bleaching agents with an active peroxide compound. The need for multiple sessions, and repeat treatments is alleviated simply by including laser in the recipe. What's more, the laser is extremely comfortable, safe and effective when administered by a professional, as is the case with the Zoom! procedure.

So here's what you get. Even if you've got a perfectly aligned set of teeth, they tend to change color with time and lifestyle. When you want to breathe new life into your smile, changing it from that dull shade of yellow or worse just so that you can face the world with so much more confidence and make a great impression, Zoom! can give you reliable, lasting results. The change is immediate, for you to enjoy at the end of the forty five minute session, unlike other treatments available on the market. You get a brighter, more radiant smile with no tooth sensitivity or damage to your enamel in the aftermath. Give yourself a treat with Zoom! and enjoy the compliments!

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