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Whenever I come to Big Smile Dental, the staff makes me feel more comfortable than ever before. Just about every one is afraid of coming to the dental. But the staff at Big Smile, takes their time during your visit. There are no rush jobs and the patient's safety is always put first. I would recommend Big Smile Dental to any one who is looking for a safe, clean and friendly dental office.

Can you use Rembrandt Teeth Whitner if you have had Cosmetic work done?

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Rembrandt Tooth Whitening Chicago - Smiling Woman Rembrandt offers several safe, effective ways of getting that attractive smile you've always wanted. Whitening your teeth has become extremely easy producing quick results whether you choose to get professional treatment in office with Rembrandt teeth whitening or your personal pick from the diverse range of teeth whitening products offered by Rembrandt. Which are all designed to suit you despite your oral condition or budget. So if you're no stranger to cosmetic dentistry, have had prior experience with other procedures and are wondering whether you are a suitable candidate for Rembrandt teeth whitening, here's good news!

You can use Rembrandt to enhance your appearance. With Rembrandt, you can transform your smile making it up to twelve shades whiter in just one hour and you will be thrilled by the results you see. The constituent bleaching agent in the gel used, working in conjunction with the Sapphire Arc light penetrates the enamel of your teeth and actively breaks down discoloration by oxidation reactions. At the end of the one hour treatment, the stains on your teeth will disappear replaced by the dazzling, natural bright white luster.

Due to the fact that the whitening procedure is designed to work with your enamel, porcelain veneers, bridges, bonding and crowns do not undergo dramatic alteration. Surface stains will be lifted to a certain degree; but the basic color of the materials used remains the same. This means that if you've got veneers or crowns, they will retain much of their original color post treatment. To match the new radiance of your smile, the veneers or crowns may need to be replaced.

Teeth whitening is sought after by patients who are just about to get braces bonded on to their teeth, and by those having braces removed. Rembrandt can be used before or after braces, and some prefer to undergo the procedure at both instances. Either way, Rembrandt's trusted and tried whitening approach will guarantee breath taking results. Since this treatment is specially formulated for those with "sensitive" teeth, you don't have to worry about hypersensitivity or any other side effect.

Consult your cosmetic dentist about the Rembrandt teeth whitening procedure. Once your teeth have been evaluated, your dentist will recommend the course of action that is most appropriate for you. You can benefit from teeth whitening regardless of any previous cosmetic treatment, as it is considered the safest cosmetic procedure by professional cosmetic dentists. If you want results, Rembrandt can deliver.

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