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Why see your Chicago, IL, dentist for teeth whitening

Woman with smilePlain vanilla is a term usually referring to something uninspired or boring, but not always. Consider this question: If you had to compare the color of your teeth to an ice cream flavor, what kind would you name? Chocolate, banana, or maybe maple-nut with its beige color and little dark spots? In this case, plain vanilla would be a great answer! Unfortunately, age, dark foods, and environmental factors conspire to ruin the color of your pearly whites over time.

Why brilliance matters

A bright smile looks nice, but how important is it really?
  • Boosting your smile is a great way to boost your confidence. If you’ve been feeling blue lately, it might be because your teeth have been feeling brown.
  • First impressions matter. People make up their minds about your intelligence, attitude, social status, and personality within seconds of meeting you. An unattractive smile, or refusing to smile, sends the wrong message.
  • Whiter teeth can make you look younger. No, the bleaching gel won’t erase any wrinkles but you may be surprised to discover how many years that aged smile was adding to your face.

Solving a dark dilemma

Don’t fret if your smile has taken a turn toward the dark side, we’ve got a brilliant suggestion. Just visit Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL for professional teeth whitening. Sure, you could pick up something that claimed to whiten teeth at the drug store. You could also find something that claimed to help you lose weight without dieting, and a book that claimed to hold the secrets of easy riches – that doesn’t mean you would be happy with the result.

Professional teeth whitening systems use scientifically formulated bleaching gel, with stronger active ingredients than anything sold in stores. It also happens to be safer and more comfortable than do-it-yourself options, because the treatment is performed or supervised by a dental professional. We offer both at-home and in-office whitening solutions from the most popular brands, to ensure that we have a great option that fits your budget and schedule.

It’s time for your smile to lighten up. Call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 and schedule a teeth whitening appointment today.

How Power Whitening Works

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