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Top 5 reasons to see your Chicago, IL Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Smiling Woman A bright smile can light up your life, especially when it is your own. However, a dark, stained smile can cast a shadow, darkening your day, and even your self-image. What can you do about it? Today, there are more options than ever. They range from whitening toothpaste to full smile makeovers, and everything in between. The best choice, of course, depends on your goals and the nature of the problem. In most cases, teeth whitening is an excellent solution.
  1. More powerful – Over-the-counter treatments have a lower concentration of the whitening ingredient than professional formulas do.
  2. More predictable – There are many types of commercially available teeth whiteners, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Some contain bleaching ingredients in low concentrations, and others simply have a mild abrasive to remove surface stains.
  3. Safer – Although teeth whitening does no harm, it can cause irritation to your tongue, lips, and gums. At-home whiteners are more likely to contact the soft tissues, even if they are designed for a teeth whitening tray. For at home whitening, we provide customized trays, for a snug fit that prevents leaks.
  4. More thorough – Your dentist will likely recommend teeth cleaning prior to whitening. Even if you think you are brushing your teeth clean, there is probably a buildup in a few hard to reach places, and in tiny crevices, or even on the surface of the teeth. Besides risking cavities, it can prevent the bleaching gel from contacting tooth surfaces in some places.
  5. Faster – if you are in a hurry, in office whitening is the answer for you. A single treatment, which takes about an hour, can give you the dazzling you're looking for. Professional strength at home whitening usually delivers desired results in a couple of weeks.
You deserve the best, and your smile deserves the best. Don't take chances with over-the-counter treatment. Call 773-772-8400 to schedule an appointment at Big Smile Dental, and prepare to dazzle Chicago!

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