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Three surprising reasons for the popularity of teeth whitening treatments in Chicago

Teeth Whitening with Woman SmileHave you noticed an abundance of brilliant smiles in Chicago? Many of those came from Big Smile Dental! In fact, teeth whitening is one of the most requested procedures in our office.

Stop that clock!

Youth is a gift that we are all given, but none of us get to keep. People have been looking since the days of Cleopatra and earlier, but the fountain of youth is nowhere to be found. Luckily, today we have the next best thing: Cosmetic medicine. From Botox to plastic surgery, people are taking steps to erase the signs of the years. However, you don't have to go to a dermatologist or a surgeon to look younger. Dark, stained teeth are associated with old age for the same reason that wrinkles are – because we acquire them with time. Young smiles are naturally bright white, and your smile can look younger after a simple teeth whitening treatment.

Social media

There was a time when people had the luxury of preparing and posing for photos. Today, you are lucky if you make it out of bed in the morning before someone tweets a pic. Of course, they will say the subject of the photo was the cat sitting on your head; including the drool running from your open mouth was a complete accident. Given the degree of consideration (or lack thereof) that friends and family armed with camera-enabled devices have, you don't stand much chance of hiding your stained, dingy smile from the world.

White teeth, green wallet

No, teeth whitening won't make you rich and famous, although a nice smile can certainly make you look like a celebrity. However, studies have shown that people judge a person with an attractive smile as friendlier, more intelligent, and more successful. Additionally, studies have shown that attractive individuals often earn higher salaries than their unattractive, equally qualified, peers do. Does all of that translate into better career opportunities with a better smile? The next time you are preparing for a job interview or a meeting with a new client, survey your best professional appearance (including a smile) in the mirror, and decide for yourself.

Let your smile shine! Call Big Smile Dental in Chicago at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment.

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