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The difference between Original Zoom and Zoom 2 bleaching

Elderly  Couple Discus Dental's original Zoom! and the new Zoom2 are extremely efficient teeth bleaching products much sought after in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Both systems bring about brighter, whiter smiles and use a specially designed lamp that focuses ultra violet energy to trigger the peroxide and the other active constituents of the whitening gel. These work in unison to make your smile approximately eight shades whiter on average, on completion of either procedure.

In order to keep improving results, and to make the experience more pleasant for you, the original Zoom! recipe has been tested and tried, integrating breakthrough technology to produce Zoom2. This second generation of the popular Zoom! is sophisticated and innovative, and it makes your teeth whiter much faster, eliminating transient dentinal hypersensitivity.

While both systems are all inclusive and reliable, as Discus Dental ensures that your specially trained cosmetic dentist is supplied with all the necessary bleaching materials: the tooth whitening gel, the bleaching light and even the disposable single patient use items required, Zoom2 is more intuitive in procuring the best possible results as every aspect of the procedure has been "stepped up" to give the optimum outcome.

Among the new features that offer convenience, benefiting both you and your dentist, is the accurate positioning of light achieved by the Zoom2 lamp. This increases your safety and comfort as it is streamlined using an optical alignment mechanism that directs the light on to your teeth alone, working effectively to whiten your smile. The bleaching gel has been reformulated to include advanced ingredients that enhance the luster of your enamel and give you more comfort during and post-treatment.

The original Zoom! procedure takes above an hour to reach completion, as the gel application is allowed to sit for twenty minutes each time. The difference with Zoom2 is that the procedure can be concluded in under an hour. This is due to the fact that the new specialized gel needs to be applied three times, for just fifteen minutes each time. Add in the time required for preparation, and you still finish in under an hour, reducing chair time for you!

Clinical studies have proven that Zoom2 brings 15.5% lighter, more lustrous results than the original. In effect, it is all the best characteristics of the original, innovated to significantly enhance the radiant smile that you've been waiting for. Now, with Zoom2, you will have a celebrity smile in just forty five minutes!

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