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Zoom Teeth Whitening- Is it safe and are there side effects?

Dentist and Patient Discus Dental, the creators of the Zoom! technology, have carried out extensive research and clinical studies to ascertain the safety standards and implications of undergoing their teeth whitening procedures. These thorough investigations have concluded that the procedure is completely safe, and extremely effective in bringing you the very best results, improving the whiteness of your smile up to an average of eight shades; hence the FDA approval.

Teeth whitening under the supervision of a professional cosmetic dentist, as is the case with Zoom!, is considered the safest cosmetic dental procedure available, and brings you amazing results at the end of the forty five minute treatment time. Peroxide, one of the active bleaching ingredients, has the potential to irritate the soft tissues of the mouth. Your cosmetic dentist takes great care to avoid contact with the soft tissues, isolating only your teeth for treatment.

Some people may experience a minor tingling sensation during or immediately after treatment due to increased tooth sensitivity or the minimal heat produced by the Zoom! lamp. These sensations always dissipate over a very short period, upon completion or interruption of the treatment. Post treatment, it is commonplace that a few patients experience sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli, when such food and beverages are consumed. This phenomenon is quickly overcome, and can be remedied by application of fluoride by your dentist to the teeth that experience sensitivity, or by the use of over-the- counter toothpastes meant for "sensitive teeth." These toothpastes contain potassium nitrate which helps to alleviate these symptoms with continued use. You can even ask your dentist to recommend a suitable anti-sensitivity toothpaste that you can use before treatment.

In order to prevent any transient sensitivity, tooth mousse is recommended to be used for five days before receiving treatment. Increased discomfort is very rare. Feel free to report any change to your dentist, so that it can be evaluated and you will be advised accordingly. Address any queries you may have prior to the treatment to your dentist and be sure to mention any medication you are taking or are allergic to. As with any with any tooth whitening product available on the market, Zoom! is not recommended for children under thirteen years of age and for pregnant or lactating women.

Discus Dental has taken great measures to ensure the safety of all Zoom! products. In fact, unrelated University studies have also backed the clinical research and findings by Discus Dental and your cosmetic dentist will evaluate the condition of your teeth before deciding whether Zoom! is suitable for you. So there's no need to worry! You can get that beautiful, stunning smile that you've always wanted.

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