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The true story behind false teeth

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Dentistry has come a long way, thanks to extensive research, modern technology, and innovative techniques. Although dentures remain the most common solution for missing teeth, today’s dentures bear little resemblance to Granny’s dentures. Nearly everything has changed, from the way we take impressions to how dentures are made. Chicago’s finest dentists, at Big Smile Dental, can craft dentures so realistic that everyone will think they are real teeth. The process starts with a consultation. We want to make sure your mouth is healthy, and that dentures are right for you. We will explain other options, such as dental bridges, to … Continue reading

Pros and cons of dentures in Chicago, IL

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In the early days of dentistry, there was one type of denture. It was big, bulky, and only minimally helpful when chewing. Fortunately, things have changed. Today’s cosmetic dentures are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. There are several options available, depending on your situation. Partials If you only have a few missing teeth, and the rest are standing strong, then partial dentures might be a good solution. They are custom-made to replace only the teeth that are missing, and fit around the others. The traditional alternative to partials is a fixed bridge. The greatest advantage of a bridge is stability. It … Continue reading

Stay in the loop: Learn about the latest technology in dentures for Chicago patients

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Dentures sound like old news. They’ve been around since the beginning of dentistry, yet they remain one of the most popular dental appliances. You might think we would have a better solution by now. In fact, we do – but they have the same name. Today’s dentures have little in common with the uncomfortable and unattractive appliances you might remember grandma wearing.  What’s new in the world of dentures? Better materials – Dentures are made from resin, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like plastic. If you are envisioning a frighteningly fake smile better suited to a Halloween costume … Continue reading

Changing times: full dentures in Chicago aren’t what they used to be

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Do you remember Granny’s false teeth? You’ll probably never forget the bulky, plastic looking contraptions that made her look a little non-human every time she opened her mouth. This image comes to many people’s minds when they realize they are going to need full dentures. If you always dreamed of growing up to look just like Granny, you might be a little disappointed, but the truth is, we just don’t make dentures like that anymore. At least, here at Big Smile Dental in Chicago we don’t. You might still find the old-fashioned, fake look at some dental offices, but we use … Continue reading

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