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Reasons for Implant Treatment from your 60618 Dentist

If there is a gap in your smile due to the loss of a permanent tooth, you have likely heard from your dentist that replacement is necessary. Well-meaning friends and family may comment on the need to repair your smile, or you may notice the unspoken judgments of those in your workplace when the gap is discovered. To be clear, tooth replacement is not a mandatory treatment, but at Big Smile Dental, your 60618 dentist, we educate patients on the various reasons why they may want to choose dental implant treatment after tooth loss.

Aesthetics is one of the primary reasons for tooth replacement. We all want to feel good about the way we look. Research on the topic of smile appeal shows that the look of our smile impacts us greatly, affecting everything from salary negotiations to romantic success. For these reasons, many people at least consider their options for tooth replacement. Filling the gap left by a missing tooth also keeps remaining teeth straight and upright.

The side benefit to restoring beauty to the smile is confidence. When we know our smile looks good, we are more apt to show it off. People who are embarrassed by the look of their teeth, on the other hand, appear far less confident as they hide their smile behind a hand or closed lips.

Replacing a missing tooth, though very good for aesthetic image, also benefits oral health in a number of ways. When a tooth is missing, the bite becomes less efficient. Chewing may move primarily to one side of the mouth, placing undue stress on the joint at the back of the jaw. Depending on overall oral health, some people will even experience dietary changes, such as a shift to softer foods.

A benefit of dental implant treatment that has become more recognized in recent years is preservation of bone structure in the jaw. We have all seen the sunken look that a denture wearer develops over time. This effect occurs due to the breakdown of bone tissue in the jaw. When teeth are replaced with dental implants, the jawbone continues to receive the stimulation once delivered via natural tooth roots. As such, implants are highly successful in helping patients keep youthful facial contours.

Your smile can be whole even after tooth loss. Contact the Chicago office of Big Smile Dental to schedule a visit.

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