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Dr. Theodore M. Siegel offering options for every budget

Does your fear of the dentist have nothing to do with the sound of the drill or the potential for pain and everything to do with the stress dental treatment may place on your budget? If so, ease these fears with Big Smile Dental, a trusted partner with a modern approach to technologies and techniques that helps to reduce financial burdens.

Options for every budget

Big Smile Dental’s approach provides many options for treatment as well as for payment, such as pre-payment discounts that reduce the size of your total bill. No-interest financing can stretch the amount you owe over many months.

Invisalign’s modern approach to traditional orthodontic treatments makes it a suitable alternative for the cost-conscious. Depending on the severity of your crowding or other spacing issues, the time required to complete Invisalign treatment may be shorter than that required with traditional braces. For instance, Invisalign’s Lite option is designed specifically for patients with modest needs.

Avoiding additional, long-term costs

Misalignment can cause many other problems, which ultimately will need to be treated. Crowded teeth are hard to clean and can become breeding grounds for the bacteria that leads to destructive dental decay. Misaligned teeth are also associated with teeth-grinding and TMJ disorders (TMD). Grinding or bruxism places excessive pressure on teeth, causing chips, fractures, and other damage that requires bonding, porcelain veneers, or crowns to restore health, proper function, and beautiful appearance.

In addition to costs associated with medications and therapies to relieve the discomfort of TMD, there are many quality of life consequences associated with this condition, thought to be linked to problems with how the upper and lower teeth fit together. TMD symptoms such as headaches, back and shoulder pain, and jaw stiffness and locking can be debilitating and disrupt functions many healthy patients take for granted. Patients with TMD symptoms may no longer find enjoyment in foods and may have a hard time getting quality sleep.

Many costs go beyond dollars and cents when it comes to forgoing necessary treatment for crowded, crooked, and otherwise misaligned teeth. Big Smile Dental can legitimately claim to be an affordable dentist in Chicago, in part because of the many discounts, frequent promotions, and alternatives to traditional payments available. Moreover, the dentists won’t recommend Invisalign if a more conservative and less costly treatment is available, such as bonding or veneers that close uneven spaces. Call 773-772-8400 for appointment scheduling.

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