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Award-winning local dentist explains why you should choose your cosmetic dentist in Chicago, IL carefully

In theory, many dentists may have the training necessary to provide cosmetic procedures. Just as you would go to a dermatologist rather than a family doctor for the treatment of skin cancers, professionals with extensive cosmetic dental expertise distinguish themselves with their level of experience and knowledge of aesthetic procedures.

The number of “crowns” on heads, not crowned teeth, are an indication of Big Smile Dental’s focus on treatment as beautiful as it is functional. The competitive pageant contestants and other recognizable Chicagoland celebrities featured on this website trust their high-profile smiles and appearance to Dr. Siegel and his team.

What’s at stake

Many dentists may toot their horns about offering attractive porcelain crowns and fillings, tooth-colored veneers, modern cosmetically-pleasing braces, and other beautiful dental options. Without the advanced training and experience with superior dental materials and techniques, you can end up with an unsightly, dark line along your gums. You may end up with restorations that are unnaturally bright or protrude, or a generally fake-looking smile.

Turning to a dentist with less experience, equipment, and materials can produce a result that affects every corner of your life, not just how you feel about the way you look. Consider how the rest of your face and mouth depend on your teeth to function properly. Also consider how your overall health depends on your oral health.

When veneers are not fitted properly, they may look unnatural and affect your bite or how the way upper and lower teeth come together. Poor bite can cause excessive tooth wear. Bite-related problems can also affect the way you chew food and your speech. These problems may place undue pressure on other teeth, which may result in the need to correct chipping, breakage, and issues involving other teeth.

Procedures such as veneers are considered irreversible, so you need to be sure your cosmetic dentist has a history of quality work. You should see examples of that work in advance of selecting your dental partner, and you should be happy with what you see.

Many patients have chosen Dr. Siegel and his team when faced with the same task you are encountering: to choose your cosmetic dentist in Chicago, IL carefully. Big Smile Dental is their answer to cosmetic dental services, partly because they trust that the doctor and his professional staff won’t steer them toward unnecessary, costly procedures. In fact, they do everything in their power to reduce the cost burden associated with dental care by offering many payment options and frequent discounts.

Even those procedures designed to restore the tooth result in an appearance that looks and feels like a healthy, natural tooth. Experience the satisfaction that so many other patients have already enjoyed by calling 773-772-8400 for an appointment.