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Chicago dentist discusses best cosmetic treatments for championship smiles

What do you and Danielle Moinet have in common? Access to a dentist in Chicago willing to take time to help you find the best cosmetic strategy. Danielle is better known as WWE superstar, Summer Rae, and not just for her athletic moves in the ring. Summer’s gorgeous smile is her brand, in the gym, in front of thousands of fans, or at a photo shoot. She picks Big Smile Dental as her partner in oral health.

No pain, just gain

Summer loves her career, but pain is part of it – from sore muscles after training to injuries in the ring. That makes her appreciate time my chair; visits she knows will be pain-free and positive. The experience and thoroughness of the Big Smile Dental team brings an uncommon level of gentleness to every treatment, from routine hygiene, to extensive restorations.

Smile like a champ

Of course, I can’t say how much of Summer’s smile is naturally stunning, but I can tell you about cosmetic services available at Big Smile Dental to help you get a star-quality grin:

You can count on being treated like a celebrity at Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL. Call 773-938-5908 to schedule your smile consultation. Just say, “Summer sent me.”


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