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Cosmetic dentistry in Chicago creates celebrity smiles

Megan Ervin is a gorgeous, poised, talented woman, and 2012 Miss Illinois. She says the confidence that carried her through the pageant is due, in part, to cosmetic dentistry from Big Smile Dental in Chicago. I will be happy to give you the same celebrity treatment. Delete or change the line highlighted in yellow.

More than a pretty smile

 Does smiling make you more successful? Science says yes. Research shows that smiles are vitally important for achievement from the bedroom to the boardroom. A smile can be a more influential part of your beauty quotient than a haircut, clothing, or jewelry. Why? Because it is a genuine and interactive part of you.

When others see your smile, it lights up the rewards region of their brains. This stimulates a halo effect. It leads them to believe that this good quality is an excellent indication that you have other essential characteristics such as humor, intelligence, trustworthiness, and competence.

About veneers


In this video, Megan talks about her veneers experience with Big Smile Dental. We see the difference in her smile, and level of confidence, in the before and after images. Porcelain veneers are a premier cosmetic dentistry service, bringing the highest level of symmetry and balance to the smile. This treatment is ideal to disguise:

Megan describes being part of the treatment process, helping to design her new smile. You can expect the same experience with any cosmetic dentistry treatment in our Chicago, IL office. I want you to look and feel like a celebrity when you leave my chair. Call me at 773-938-5908 for a winning smile makeover consultation.


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