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Chicago dentist discusses factors behind: “Crowns or fillings — which is a better choice?”

Big Smile Dental offers fillings and crowns that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The team will select the best option for you and your long-term needs. The best option is usually the one that requires the least extensive procedure. When considering crowns versus fillings, the most conservative procedure is the filling because it retains more natural tooth structure.

Not every patient is a good candidate for a filling. Some patients may need a crown to restore the tooth to its natural function and beautiful appearance, so the question of: “Crowns or fillings — which is a better choice?” really depends on you and differs from patient to patient.

When a filling may be better

Dr. Siegel and his team will remove decay and use a dental material to fill cavities or rebuild a damaged tooth. You may need a filling if damage to protective enamel has progressed to where intervention such as fluoride is not sufficient to restore the tooth. Restoring your tooth with this treatment may be an option should you:

When a crown may be better

Big Smile Dental will consider if a crown is a better solution to meet your long-term needs. In some cases, the decay has progressed to the point that a large filling will not make sense and would not be a lasting way to rebuild a tooth.

A crown or cap designed to look and function like your natural tooth, and placed over remaining tooth structure, may be needed if:

A tooth is very weak from cracks or breakage

An infection affects the tooth’s pulp, and following root canal therapy

Severe wear, discoloration, poor shape, and other cosmetic concerns exist

If a tooth can’t be saved with root canal therapy, a crown may be used as a means of tooth replacement. Tooth replacement options also include traditional and dental-implant supported bridges and dentures.

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