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Avoid the Embarrassment of Traditional Braces with Chicago Invisalign Clear Braces

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Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Avoid the Embarrassment of Traditional Braces with Chicago Invisalign Clear Braces

Traditional metal braces are fine for children, but teens and adults often prefer the subtle aesthetic appearance of Invisalign clear braces. You shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about getting straighter teeth or fixing your bite, and Invisalign clear braces give you that flexibility.

How Do Chicago Invisalign Clear Braces Work?

First, you will have a free consultation with a dental professional at Big Smile Dental, who will show you before and after pictures of prior patients who already had success with Invisalign clear braces. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, learn more about the process, how much it costs, and how long you’ll be expected to wear the Invisalign clear braces.

Next, we will take molds to make a 3D model of your mouth, and simulate the correction needed. It typically requires 18 to 30 trays for a full correction, and each Invisalign clear braces tray is worn for about two weeks. You would remove your Invisalign clear braces when eating or brushing your teeth.

Are There Restrictions or Pain With Invisalign Clear Braces?

Invisalign clear braces do not come with the pain and discomfort that regular metal braces are associated with. Of course there is still some associated discomfort when your teeth move. Invisalign clear braces trays are smooth plastic, with no sharp edges, no wires to adjust, and no metal to damage soft tissues. You can do all of your regular activities while wearing Invisalign clear braces, including sports. Even gum and popcorn are allowed with Invisalign clear braces, because you can remove the trays while eating.

Usually Invisalign clear braces cost a bit more than traditional metal braces. But not at Big Smile Dental. Since we are a preferred provider and do many cases of Invisalign we get discounted prices and we pass the savings on to you. They are indeed worth the price, because the time commitment is so much shorter, the pain level is lower, and the results are much more predictable. There is none of the embarrassment or self-consciousness that many people shy away from when considering metal orthodontia. Additionally, insurance coverage still applies to Invisalign clear braces.

Talk to us for a full consultation, and to find out about what option is the best for you and your smile. You shouldn’t have to be afraid to show your braces, and with Invisalign clear braces, you don’t have to!

For more information about Invisalign clear braces at Big Smile Dental and for a free consultation, call us at 773-772-8400.

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