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Chicago, turn to “mighty multitaskers” of the dental world, Porcelain Veneers, for a dazzling smile

Let’s say the bleaching trays didn’t take. Your stains were resistant to in-office, at-home treatments, or a combination of both. Nevertheless, you’re not “stuck” with discolored teeth. Even the darkest stains are no match for these ultrathin layers of porcelain; bonded to your natural teeth, they cover stubborn surface stains caused by years of coffee consumption or deeper stains caused by cumulative wear, excess fluoride, or certain medications.

Unlike whitening treatments, veneers make a number of other embarrassing conditions in the way of your dazzling smile disappear, including:

Veneers are associated with the megawatt “Hollywood Smile” so many stars sport. While the mantra for some may be “the brighter, the better” others may want a more natural look, which can be achieved with veneers.

The general rule is to harmonize the shade of your new teeth with your skin tone, and not to go any whiter than the whites of your eyes. However, at Big Smile Dental, we will also discuss your preferences and expectations. Looking at the mold of your teeth used to make the veneers, you may opt to keep minor “imperfections” you’ve grown to love, such as a small space between a few teeth.

After thoroughly examining your mouth, there may be other options better for you, including:

At Big Smile Dental, we champion porcelain veneers, which are more durable and, accordingly, last a few decades as opposed to a few years (like their resin-based composite counterparts).

Porcelain veneers have the added benefit of not staining easily. Although they don’t chip or wear down as quickly as composite options, you may want to avoid the peanut brittle or pencil chewing. Is nighttime tooth grinding a problem? A customized dental guard can keep your upgraded teeth looking new.

Our team at Big Smile Dental will discuss your lifestyle and other factors affecting the success of this procedure. Get porcelain veneers for a dazzling smile by calling our Chicago office to schedule a consultation at (773) 772-8400.