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The science and art of cosmetic dentures in Chicago, IL

Missing teeth cause you to miss out on a lot – enjoyable meals, confident smiles, and a youthful appearance. Correctly-designed dentures made of premium materials restore a great deal of chewing function. They also take years off your face. Let’s take a look at some of the ways great-fitting cosmetic dentures reverse signs of aging for Chicago, IL patients.

The aging effect of ill-fitting dentures

The bony ridge is the rim of the jaw where dentures sit. This ridge shrinks over time, without stimulation from tooth roots. Eventually, dentures have to settle deeper into the jaws. Then:

Correcting a reverse smile

The overall result is reverse smile – the curve of the denture line is the reverse of what you expect to see in a healthy, attractive smile. Teeth appear to arc downward, while the lips arc upward when smiling. Cosmetic dentures are designed with more gum colored base to give teeth appropriate height and position. This opens the bite, reducing wrinkles around the mouth and plumping lips. “Smile teeth” show under the lips, and back teeth are not as noticeable. A natural-looking smile line is restored!

They are called cosmetic dentures because they resolve many of the concerns patient have about the appearance of dentures. However, dentures made in this way also bring balance to the bite, reducing TMJ disorders, and providing better stability for chewing, speaking, and generally enjoying life.

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