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Chicago patients get answers to, “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?”

Dental bonding replaces your tooth’s natural structure, so if you’re wondering: “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?” be aware that any changes are for the better. Notably, you will experience good outcomes when the procedure is in the capable hands of the skilled and experienced professionals at Big Smile Dental.

How does dental bonding improve my teeth?

A composite resin is applied to the tooth. The procedure gets its name as this plastic that resembles the natural enamel and dentin is bonded or securely fixed to the existing tooth structure. Since resin must be matched to your natural tooth color and shaped to cover up chips, discoloration, and other dental concerns, the resulting appearance and feel of your teeth depends on the skill of the dentist who applies the bonding material.

Ideally, if the shade of the tooth is properly matched and the material is properly applied and bonded, your teeth will look improved. Any chips or rough and uneven edges present prior to treatment are gone.

Chipping and other unwanted conditions caused by everything from nighttime tooth grinding to tooth decay affect the way your teeth feel. When you run your tongue over smooth surfaces on newly bonded teeth, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. No longer will you be able to feel those annoying, rough, and uncomfortable edges. You’ll discover other nice effects of bonding, including:

If nighttime tooth grinding or other destructive habits are responsible for your concerns, the dentists at Big Smile Dental may recommend customized dental appliances. These guards will be worn as you sleep to protect teeth from damage caused by the intense pressure from grinding and clenching.

It’s important for Big Smile Dental dentists to assess the way the upper and lower teeth come together before leaving the office. After proper bite is confirmed, your improved teeth may feel funny. Mouths are sensitive to changes, and it may take a little time to get used to this new normal. Typically, you’ll get accustomed to the way your mouth feels with the additional resin material in no time.

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