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Get pain relief and save your tooth with an emergency root canal procedure in Chicago

Pediatric dentist in chicago

While root canal procedures don’t cause pain, pain is associated with the part of the tooth’s structure known as the root canal. Confusion arises when people use root canal to mean the therapy that gets you out of pain. You may find yourself needing emergency root canal treatment for much-needed relief. About the root canal Your teeth are layered. The first layer is the hard, white enamel. The second layer is the yellowish, softer dentin. The third layer is the pulp, which contains tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. The roots make up the lower two-thirds of the tooth under the … Continue reading

Chicago area dentist warns of the dangers of periodontal disease

Dangers of periodontal disease chicago

Dentists recommend brushing and flossing daily, but many people don’t follow that advice. The dangers of not caring for your teeth can cause serious health problems. Bacteria can build up in the plaque on the teeth and cause disease. The bacteria can cause inflammation of the gums and cause them to bleed when brushing. The condition is called gingivitis, and in the early stage, it is confined to the gums. The teeth are secure in their sockets and no other bone or tissue damage has been done. Periodontitis is the condition that develops when gingivitis goes untreated. The inner layer … Continue reading

Chicago patients ask, “Does healthy teeth help maintain a healthy heart?”

It’s been said that your oral health is a window into the health of the rest of your body. It wouldn’t be a complete discussion about the “mouth-body connection” without exploring one of the most powerful consequences of healthy teeth, which is a healthy heart. Accordingly, if your teeth are not at their best, you may be at greater risk for conditions beyond the teeth and gums. How can teeth affect the heart? The problems with decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria and inflammation. Of course, you can’t avoid bacteria. It’s estimated 500 to 650 different bacterial species … Continue reading

Many people ask, “Is chewing gum good or bad for teeth?”

There are food and drink “good guys” and “bad guys.” Gum can be a “good guy” or a “bad guy” depending on the type of gum you are chewing. Some types may actually protect your teeth from decay and disease, while others contribute to the development of these destructive conditions. What you eat and drink affects your oral health because the naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth flourish on the sugars in foods and beverages. If sugars aren’t removed with diligent, consistent brushing and flossing, a sticky acidic film forms. The acids in plaque carve a destructive path through your … Continue reading

Chicago patients get answers to, “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?”

Dental Bonding Chicago

Dental bonding replaces your tooth’s natural structure, so if you’re wondering: “Can dental bonding alter the look and feel of your teeth?” be aware that any changes are for the better. Notably, you will experience good outcomes when the procedure is in the capable hands of the skilled and experienced professionals at Big Smile Dental. How does dental bonding improve my teeth? A composite resin is applied to the tooth. The procedure gets its name as this plastic that resembles the natural enamel and dentin is bonded or securely fixed to the existing tooth structure. Since resin must be matched to … Continue reading

Chicagoland dentist answers question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?”

The most beautiful tooth is the one you grew into, but with time that tooth may have lost its attractiveness and even its functionality. If you are looking to replace one or more teeth, Big Smile Dental has a number of options to get you looking and feeling your best. It should be said there is no single answer to the question, “What is the best tooth replacement option?” In fact, if you are missing more than one tooth Big Smile Dental staff may even use more than one of these options for tooth replacement. In the past, pulling a … Continue reading

Dentist urges parents: Get your child started with good oral health habits

When your child has good experiences at the dentist in the early years, he or she will carry those experiences into adulthood. Conversely, negative experiences as a child can create a fearful adult. Some adults are so fearful of the dentist that they only seek treatment when the dental condition has become excruciating. Pain of such magnitude can be a red flag for a serious infection known as an abscess. These types of infections can spread to other parts of the face and body. Generally, it’s recommended the first dental visit be scheduled before a child’s first birthday. The proper … Continue reading

Chicago, listen up! Reassess your healthy oral habits for a brighter, better smile

Healthy Oral Habits

You probably know brushing at least two times a day, along with daily flossing, is a healthy oral habit. However, did you know technique and floss matters? We want you to keep up the good, healthy habits that you have mastered, with some potential adjustments to do even better. Don’t rush it. Brush for at least two minutes. Resist the temptation to shortchange yourself. Consider brushing your teeth in four segments, for 30 seconds each segment. Pick a song you like on your iPhone and brush to it. Better to overdo it time-wise than to underdo it. That said, use … Continue reading

Free yourself from the ball and chain of bad breath – there’s an answer for every cause

There are lots of names for it. Stinkbreath. Dog breath. The much more scientific-sounding halitosis. Whatever you may call your bad breath, you know you just want this source of embarrassment and anxiety gone. You can free yourself from bad breath by first understanding the cause. Some foods, such as garlic and onions, are associated with bad breath. It’s the process of digested food working through your bloodsteam to your lungs that ultimately results it the less-than-pleasant odors being given off in your breath. Do you smoke? Add bad breath to the long list of reasons to stop. Tobacco products … Continue reading

Correcting crooked teeth in Chicago is easier than ever

Correcting Crooked Teeth in Chicago

We think of hidden treasure as being at the bottom of the sea, or buried in the remote wilderness. But you might have a hidden treasure of your own, closer than you think. Gold and diamonds may be valuable, but a truly dazzling smile is priceless. Unfortunately, if your teeth are crooked, your dazzling smile might be disguising itself as something far less attractive. For most people, all it takes is a round with comfortable, discreet Invisalign aligners to straighten up unruly teeth and reveal the gorgeous grin you were meant to have. You’ve probably heard of Invisalign, after all, the … Continue reading

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