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Protect your teeth with mouth guards in Chicago

Protect Teeth with Mouth Guards in Chicago

You probably know that brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are the cornerstones of good oral health. These simple steps, along with healthy habits such as good nutrition and drinking plenty of water, can help your teeth stay healthy and beautiful, possibly for life. However, cavities and gum disease aren’t the only threats to your pearly whites. In fact, you could have the healthiest teeth in the world, and still lose them in the blink of an eye. How? Over five million teeth are knocked out every year, often from sports-related injuries. Stay on guard A knock-out may sound great … Continue reading

Understanding the connection between healthy gums and overall health in Chicago

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of good health. Your quality of life, productivity, longevity, and much more are affected or determined by health. Yet, we tend to not think about it – until we get sick. Since prevention really is the best medicine, it’s wise to understand what can make you sick, and how to avoid it. One important factor that comes as a surprise to many people is gum health. How oral health affects whole health How can a problem with that small amount of tissue surrounding teeth impact your whole body? To answer the question, think for … Continue reading

Oh, that bad, bad breath – understanding the causes of and treatments for Halitosis in Chicago

Bad Breath Causes and Treatments in Chicago

Halitosis. It might sound like an exotic and deadly disease, but it’s actually the medical term for something we all know too well – bad breath. It’s unpleasant, and it can ruin a whispered conversation or romantic moment, but it’s nothing to worry about. Or is it? Bad breath itself is harmless, if a little offensive. But it can be a symptom of something worth worrying over. So, what’s causing your problem, and should you be concerned? Here is everything you always wanted to know about bad breath, but were too embarrassed to ask. You are what you eat (or … Continue reading

Low cost dental care for kids in Chicago doesn’t skimp on personality

Childhood is filled with magical moments that bring a smile to the face. Studies actually suggest that the average kid smiles several hundred times a day. Wouldn’t it be the best thing if the smile could be totally healthy? As a caring Chicago dental team, we love seeing the smiles of our patients. We know, however, that many children feel like doing anything but smiling when they must visit the dentist. At Big Smile Dental, we want to change things Low cost dental care is something Chicago families deserve. The cost of care should not dictate the level of care, … Continue reading

How often should I use mouthwash? Your Chicago dentist has the details you need to know

How often should I use mouthwash?

Mouthwash is something that, for many, seems like a good way to keep the breath fresher throughout the day. This oral care product is good for much more than kissable breath. In the grand scheme of things, mouthwash is an important component to your oral hygiene routine. There are several mouthwash products on the market today. Some contain fluoride while others do not. Some are alcohol free or low in alcohol content. Many state that they are anti-bacterial. Which mouthwash you use will be up to you to decide. Dr. Siegel gets to know his patients and their dental needs. … Continue reading

Various types of dental floss may be used to keep your Chicago smile healthy

Various types of dental floss may be used to keep your Chicago smile healthy

One of the most important things we can do for our smile is to brush and floss our teeth daily. To neglect the second-step of hygiene is to live with the risk of cavity development in between teeth and gum disease. Dr. Siegel encourages his patients to floss at least once a day after brushing and is happy to demonstrate proper technique. How one flosses depends mainly on existing dental work. Additional aspects of flossing include what type of floss to use. Many different types of dental floss are available to our Chicago area patients. Products may differ in texture, … Continue reading

Mall kiosks are for mobile phones and honey-baked hams; leave Teeth Whitening options in Chicago to us

Porcelain Veneers can Improve Teeth Appearance Chicago

Trust a mall kiosk to your calendar, sunglasses, or holiday fruitcake needs, but don’t trust a mall kiosk with your smile. The American Dental Association has been monitoring a troubling trend; whitening booths in shopping centers, spas, even cruise ships. The color of our teeth is so linked to our overall appearance that 96 percent of us equate pearly whites with sex appeal. Therefore, it’s not surprising you see whitening treatments lumped in with makeup, tanning, or hair salon services. Typically, when you leave the salon the worst you end up with is a cut to “grow into.” However, if … Continue reading

Let that impacted wisdom tooth free with the help of your Chicago Dentist

Ah, wisdom teeth! If only they imparted us with the wisdom to get them removed right away! This third set of molars is the final stage of oral development, typically growing in sometime during the teen years. During routine dental visits, x-rays show us the location of these teeth beneath the gums, and their projected path of growth. For many people, there simply isn’t enough room in the mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth. This is just one of the reasons we like to schedule removal of wisdom teeth when they are visualized in diagnostic imaging. An impacted wisdom tooth is … Continue reading

Fear not! The Root Canal procedure is easy with your Chicago Dentist

There are some dental procedures that are viewed in a positive light, even if one would prefer to avoid them. There are others, like the good old root canal, which has simply gotten a bad rap. Dentists do not perform root canal therapy as some kind of punishment. This procedure is actually very beneficial and – lo’ and behold – painless! Many of the patients who receive this treatment in our Chicago dental practice are surprised to learn that what they had always believed about root canal therapy is simply not true. Even better than being a painless procedure in … Continue reading

Is it time to transform your smile with LUMINEERS in Chicago?

There is a time and a place for everything. The time to feel great about our smile is always now. How our smile looks, and how we feel about this important facial feature, is directed by the appearance of our teeth. Believe it or not, we are not all predestined to gorgeous smiles, not even the people we admire in magazines or on the movie screen. In truth, most of these people have had a little – or a lot of – help getting beautifully straight, perfectly spaced, white teeth. There is no doubt that authentic beauty comes from proportions, … Continue reading

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