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Chicago dentist explains that teeth implants work just like real teeth

A tooth is made of many different parts and the dental implant procedure takes this feature into account to produce the most natural looking and natural functioning tooth replacement option available.

Each of your teeth have different functions. For instance, the pointy canine teeth are designed to tear food. The wide molars at the back of the mouth grind food so it can be swallowed and digested properly. The relationship between the teeth, tongue, and lips helps you speak properly, which is why people who lose their teeth may develop a lisp or other problems with how words are pronounced.

Each tooth cannot work properly if part of the tooth is damaged. While the crown above the gumline is often the only visible part of the tooth, the root embedded in the jawbone makes up two-thirds of its structure and holds the tooth in place.

The tooth is layered. The outermost enamel covers and protects the softer dentin layer. As decay and disease progress, enamel may become worn and erode. This damaging process exposes the darker dentin, which can make your teeth look yellow. If it remains untreated, it reaches the soft tissues at the center of the tooth. At this point you may be in great pain and root canal therapy could be required to save the tooth.

Root canal therapy can’t save every tooth. If a tooth must be extracted or falls out following an accident or other trauma, the Big Smile Dental team can reconstruct the tooth in parts. By taking these parts into account, you get a replacement tooth that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

The dental implant is a cylinder-shaped post designed to replace the tooth’s root. It is surgically placed in your jawbone. Usually made from titanium, this non-toxic material fuses safely with the underlying bone. This process provides a strong base for your new crown. You avoid the poor fit associated with conventional dentures. The crown, bridge, or denture is then connected to the underlying implant by way of an abutment piece.

Since these implant-supported tooth replacement options are made like natural teeth, eating and speaking with them is just like when your teeth were at their best. You also avoid other drawbacks long associated with traditional tooth replacement, including:

Premature aging – Facial tissues depend on the support they get from underlying bone. Without teeth, your skin can sag. Your face may appear sunken, which can make you look older and less vibrant.

Bone loss – Your jawbone can atrophy just like muscles may atrophy during bedrest. The resulting loss of bone strength and density can worsen any functional problems associated with missing teeth in the first place.

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