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Dental implants: A solution for the hole problem

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Your smile matters

You probably wouldn’t go to a class reunion, job interview, big date, or holiday dinner with holes in your clothes. However, believe it or not, the cuff of your jacket isn’t the first thing people notice. It probably isn’t even the second or third. According to psychologists, people form “first impressions” within seconds after meeting a stranger. Many judgments are made before someone notices every detail, but one thing you can count on everyone noticing (for good or bad) is your smile.

A hole in your smile can put a hole in your image, and if you aren’t careful, your confidence can start to leak out. Dentures are an option. These days a good cosmetic dentist can make them look great, but there is a drawback. Unlike natural teeth, dentures aren’t anchored in place. Partials have clasps, and full plates work with suction and adhesive. Sometimes plugging the hole in your smile with a denture works well. Sometimes it works like plugging a hole in the water line with chewing gum.

There is a better way

You can plug that hole in your smile, and your image with one or several implants. If you wear a full denture, a few implants can anchor it in place. For replacing one tooth or a few teeth, implants can be topped with specially designed cosmetic crowns or bridges. The most obvious benefit of dental implants is stability. They are rooted in the bone just like teeth, so they aren’t going anywhere. Once completed, they look just like natural teeth, so your smile is dazzling. However, the whole problem of missing teeth includes more than the visible hole in your smile.

Missing teeth or traditional restorations can make chewing a challenge. Speaking can be difficult. To top it off, once the tooth root is gone the jawbone starts fading away, possibly altering the contours of your jawline. Only dental implants address all of these problems, and they can last a lifetime.

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