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Skilled Dentist in Chicago can help you reach your best smile aesthetic

In today’s society we are inundated with images of picture perfect smiles. Because it is next to impossible to completely avoid television and magazines, most people have the subconscious impression that a large majority of the population was born with aesthetic beauty. If your teeth are not bright as the morning sun, you may feel as though you got the short end of the stick when it comes to your smile.

It doesn’t seem fair that some people are gifted with smile perfection. In truth, this is largely inaccurate anyway. Often, when you see someone whose smile looks naturally gorgeous, you are viewing a smile perfected by a skilled dentist. In our Chicago dental practice, Dr. Siegel provides excellent cosmetic care to celebrities, as well as individuals of all ages who are not in the public eye.

There is no secret that Big Smile Dental is one of the most well-known in the Chicago area. Our offices stand out both in reputation and in signage, with the landmark Big Smile sign hard to miss. With our team, patients of all walks of life can achieve their smile goals quickly.

Smile solutions on your terms

The key to beautiful cosmetic dental treatment is discretion. No one really wants to hear “Your dentures are gorgeous!” or “Lovely veneers!” We understand that the power of cosmetic dentistry lies in our ability to create a look that gives the impression of inborn authenticity. Smiles designed by Big Smile Dental look blessed by nature, not hand-crafted in a dental lab. Just like the faces you see in magazines and on television, the smile that you can design with your experienced cosmetic dentist will look perfect, as though you were born with it.

Make a dream smile your new reality

A smile makeover does not have to require lengthy or complex treatments and steep dental bills. Today, there are numerous solutions to various cosmetic concerns. Teeth that have become dull or yellow can be beautifully brightened with in-office or at-home whitening. Porcelain veneers successfully restructure the smile by covering gaps or cracks, lengthening teeth, or perfecting the shape of an odd tooth. Even more significant problems like misalignment can be discreetly handled with Invisalign treatment.

Each one of us has specific smile needs. When we examine your mouth and hear your concerns, we will be able to design a cosmetic treatment plan to achieve your goals. Contact Big Smile Dental at  for your smile-enhancing appointment.

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