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The science and art of cosmetic dentures in Chicago, IL

Cosmetic Dentures Chicago IL

Missing teeth cause you to miss out on a lot – enjoyable meals, confident smiles, and a youthful appearance. Correctly-designed dentures made of premium materials restore a great deal of chewing function. They also take years off your face. Let’s take a look at some of the ways great-fitting cosmetic dentures reverse signs of aging for Chicago, IL patients. The aging effect of ill-fitting dentures The bony ridge is the rim of the jaw where dentures sit. This ridge shrinks over time, without stimulation from tooth roots. Eventually, dentures have to settle deeper into the jaws. Then: Folds form in … Continue reading

Don’t like dentures? Chicago dentist discusses what are your other options

Don’t like dentures? You may be wondering what are your other options. If you think of these dental appliances as bulky, ill-fitting, and fake-looking, your perception may need a makeover. Dentures are often associated with replacing all of your teeth, but you may not need a complete denture. Partial dentures replace some missing teeth. Rethink conventional dentures It’s normal for dentures to feel a little strange at first. When paired with skilled professionals, modern technologies and materials result in dentures as comfortable as they are realistic. Prosthetic teeth and a gum-colored base are designed to securely fit in the mouth … Continue reading

Five simple tips on denture care from your dentist in Chicago

So, you’ve got a brand new smile. Great! Now what? Caring for dentures is just as important as caring for natural teeth, but the process is a bit different. Here are five easy tips to help your keep your brand new smile dazzling and healthy: Clean regularly. Plaque, tartar, and bacteria can accumulate on dentures just like they do on natural teeth. Brush thoroughly at least once a day, and rinse well. Overnight soaking formulas can help remove stains, kill odor-causing bacteria, and keep your dentures feeling fresh. This is a convenient option, as most dentures should be removed during sleep … Continue reading

Your Chicago Dentist can design dentures to give you a great new smile

When we smile, the last thing we want is to show off soft, pink gums and no teeth. Next in the line of nightmares is having a smile that looks anything but natural. In the good old days, dentures were so uniform and basic that every person who had a denture looked pretty much the same. Though function was restored, little though was given to the individuality of each person’s smile. Today, thankfully, we are as focused on aesthetics as we are on functionality. What this means is that your Chicago dentist doesn’t make your grandma’s dentures. On a technical … Continue reading

Dentures aren’t just for seniors in Chicago

While there is no official count for the number of American’s who wear dentures, the total is estimated at 30 to 40 million. This includes about 57 percent of men and women in the 65 to 74 year age group, but there are also quite a few younger denture wearers, including some notable celebrities. They play their tooth loss close to the vest, but it is reported that the self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel, Janice Dickinson has false teeth, as well as Ben Affleck, and Snooki. What causes a need for dentures? A partial denture replaces one or several missing teeth. … Continue reading

Makeovers and reasons to smile

Do you avoid looking in mirrors, eating out, or speaking in public? Do you cover your mouth when you smile, and keep your lips closed tight when there is a camera around? Do you simply hate your teeth? Well, maybe they don’t like you much either.   Your hair gets its special day at the salon, and your skin gets all kinds of fancy creams. The kitchen got a new coat of paint, and the car got some wax. Yet your poor teeth just sit there, accumulating stains, decaying, and mourning their lost friends. They are treated like outcasts, hidden … Continue reading

Restore a Complete Smile with Dentures in Chicago!

Dentures are a dental restoration that is used to restore a whole arch of missing teeth. This restoration is made using acrylic resin and is used to when a person is missing all or most of the teeth in their mouth, which is one factor in deciding which patients are suitable for dentures. Using Dentures will improve a person’s speech, chewing ability, and provide more support for their facial muscles, apart from considerably improving their smile and appearance. When obtaining a set of Dentures, only a few appointments are needed over the course of roughly one month, from start to end. … Continue reading

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