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Dynamos in Chicago discover financial benefits of Invisalign

Chicago is a fantastic town, full of history and music and great food. It is also home to thousands of successful corporations and some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds in the United States. Sharp business minds like those look for value (not just lowest price) in every aspect of their lives, including dental care. Movers and shakers throughout the windy city are discovering that the benefits of Invisalign straightening provide an excellent ROI.

Why Invisalign makes sense

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that use brackets, wires, and bands. Invisalign is a series of transparent aligners that gently guide teeth into straight, attrac

tive position. My teen and adult patients love this method because of benefits like:

Why Invisalign makes financial sense

While Invisalign makes good sense for your lifestyle, it is also sensible for your budget. Every case is different, but typically the cost of Invisalign treatment is comparable to orthodontic braces or porcelain veneers (used to mask the appearance of mild misalignment).

Invisalign treatment is conservative, too. Extractions are unusual, and there’s no need or alterations to tooth structure. Plus, there’s low risk o, gum disease, tooth decay, or damage to enamel from the system. By conserving your natural teeth, Invisalign avoids contributing to future need for dental work.

The biggest benefit of Invisalign is that it is effective! The value of an attractive smile goes beyond romantic encounters and terrific selfies. Studies have shown that individuals with nice teeth are perceived as confident, trust-worthy, and responsible. They are more likely to get hired, receive promotions, and earn a higher income.

I really enjoy getting Chicago area patients into Invisalign treatment. It is rewarding to watch their self-images soar as they reach toward higher personal potential. Let’s talk about how Invisalign can be an investment in your success.

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