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Fear not! The Root Canal procedure is easy with your Chicago Dentist

There are some dental procedures that are viewed in a positive light, even if one would prefer to avoid them. There are others, like the good old root canal, which has simply gotten a bad rap. Dentists do not perform root canal therapy as some kind of punishment. This procedure is actually very beneficial and – lo’ and behold – painless! Many of the patients who receive this treatment in our Chicago dental practice are surprised to learn that what they had always believed about root canal therapy is simply not true.

Even better than being a painless procedure in and of itself, root canal therapy will actually get you out of the pain you are in with a nasty infection. The signs that root canal therapy may be in your future may, at first, be very mild. Perhaps a tooth feels a little sensitive, or aches a bit when you eat sugary foods. If you are like a lot of people, you may ignore these signs and put off seeing the dentist until evidence of your dental problem becomes obvious. Ignoring early symptoms of infection only worsen the damage being done to a tooth, and increases the chance that an intense toothache will develop.

Fear not! Your experienced Chicago dentist is skilled at restoring comfort quickly with a simple procedure.

  1. To begin root canal therapy, local anesthetic is applied to numb the treatment area. Thanks to excellent anesthetic and gentle techniques, root canal therapy is completely comfortable.
  2. Damaged tooth material is removed, just like if you were getting a filling. A small opening is created to the root canal.
  3. All damaged tissue within the root canal is gently removed using precise instruments and technique.
  4. The emptied root canal is sterilized.
  5. Sealant is applied to the root canal, blocking out bacteria.
  6. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth so that you may comfortably chew and bite down.
  7. After the anesthetic wears off, slight soreness may be felt, similar to when you get a filling. There is no real pain after root canal therapy!
  8. In about a week, a permanent crown will replace the temporary restoration.

There is no reason to hide from your dentist. If you experience even slight pain, or it has been awhile since your last checkup, give us a call.