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Fill the gap with the best approach to Dental Implants in Chicago

By now, you may be aware of some of the benefits of dental implants – very different from the longtime “go-to” options of dentures and bridges.

You may have seen a loved one grapple with daily denture upkeep, not to mention the slipping, sliding, cracking, and warping. For bridges, the thought of having to sacrifice two healthy teeth to fill one space may make you shudder.

The implant itself makes all the difference. This tiny titanium post stands in as the tooth root. The abutment connects this “artificial” root or implant to the part of your new tooth that all will see – the crown. Because this process mimics the structure of your natural tooth, implants function the most like what nature gave you.

The usual brushing, flossing, cleanings, and checkups still apply. The new tooth is still subject to daily wear and tear.

Unlike bridges that may last 5 to 10 years, if you take this care seriously, implants have been known to last a lifetime. In addition, filling the gap promotes the health of your entire mouth by preventing continued bone loss experienced when we don’t use a portion of our mouth to chew due to a missing tooth. Eventually, that jawbone melts away – taking our facial contours with it.

While the thought of a titanium post surgically placed in your mouth may sound less-than-appealing, the discomfort experienced is no different from other dental procedures and includes minor bleeding, swelling and bruising.

Notably, around 95 percent of implants are successful. Those failures have been attributed to conditions assessed by Big Smile Dental’s experienced staff long before we start the journey toward better dental health and self-confidence with you.

Factors to blame in these rare cases of failures include:

Even some of the conditions above don’t completely rule out implants. The dental team’s experience has been cited in studies as a factor influencing success rates. The best dental implants in Chicago will be yours, but it starts with an initial evaluation and a call to Big Smile Dental at (773) 772-8400.