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Home remedies and treatments for tooth infection

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Owwww – a toothache! Quick help from the pantry shelf


A toothache can keep you up at night and derail your day. It is also a sign that something is wrong; possibly an infection. So, when you wake with pain or experience an ouch when you bite down, it is important to call Dr. Ted Siegel right away.

What can you do for relief until you get to his office? Here are some home remedies which may help.

  • Clove has natural antibacterial and pain relieving properties. Bite on a whole one, or a compress made of ground cloves or clove oil on a bit of gauze.
  • Garlic is nature’s antibiotic. Chew a whole bud twice a day, or use in a compress with clove. (Don’t worry, Dr. Siegel will forgive the odor.)
  • Kosher or iodized salt, dissolved in tepid water with a splash of vinegar or pinch of baking soda, makes an infection-fighting mouth rinse.
  • Antiseptic mouth wash – Yes, the taste is intense, but that wicked brown commercial mouth rinse is effective in killing harmful germs.

Remember, no home treatment can replace professional dental care. Call Big Smile Dental as soon as a tooth “talks” to you.


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