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How often should I use mouthwash? Your Chicago dentist has the details you need to know

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How often should I use mouthwash?

Mouthwash is something that, for many, seems like a good way to keep the breath fresher throughout the day. This oral care product is good for much more than kissable breath. In the grand scheme of things, mouthwash is an important component to your oral hygiene routine.

There are several mouthwash products on the market today. Some contain fluoride while others do not. Some are alcohol free or low in alcohol content. Many state that they are anti-bacterial. Which mouthwash you use will be up to you to decide. Dr. Siegel gets to know his patients and their dental needs. With his level of familiarity with your oral health, he can help you choose the product best suited to your needs.

How often should I use mouthwash?

Most people ponder this question from time to time. There is a line between not enough and too much, especially depending on the ingredients of the product. When mouthwash is used regularly, though, results can be seen and felt in just a few weeks. Through daily use, it is possible to keep the harmony in the mouth by destroying harmful bacteria. When bacteria are better controlled, there is a marked decrease in the risk of infections, gingivitis, and tooth decay. As a side note, our Chicago patients get to enjoy fresh breath when they rinse every day.

While overuse is not recommended, there is no harm in using a quality mouthwash product up to three times a day, after meals. Even twice a day as a part of the brushing routine is good for oral health. How mouthwash is used may also be based on preference, but this may not always produce the expected result.

Some people rinse the mouth after brushing as a final step towards freshening the breath. Other people prefer to swish mouthwash around in the mouth for about thirty seconds before brushing. While it may seem as though pre-rinsing is a better way to kill bacteria, this practice may not be quite as beneficial because there are germs on the toothbrush.

How and when throughout the day you want to use mouthwash is for you to decide. What you want to know is that using a suitable product will benefit your teeth and gums. Dr. Siegel is familiar with your dental needs and can help you design a hygiene routine that works for you.

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