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Improve the quality of your life with dental implants in Chicago

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Humans are living longer today than we have in millions of years Featured image of existence. We have a number of advances to thank for our current state of longevity: healthy societal irrigation systems, clean water, modern medical technologies, and greater knowledge about the human body. Living to a ripe old age is one thing. Living fully and enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle is another. Most people we talk to want to exist in the latter. It is entirely possible to improve the quality of your life with outstanding dental care. When addressing the problem of tooth loss, we suggest implants to many of our Chicago patients.

The impact of tooth loss

Does it seem far-fetched to say that dental treatment can improve your quality of life? If you have ever known a person whose teeth are diseased, painful, or falling out, you have a glimpse into the impact the smile has over wellbeing. Tooth loss is a major deal. The absence of a tooth can lead to misalignment, which can cause a number of other issues. If teeth shift into a gap in the mouth, the appearance of the smile may be negatively affected. Shifting may also mean that upper and lower teeth don’t fit together as they should. The tenderness of exposed gum tissue may cause you to favor one side of the mouth when chewing. Bone loss will occur beneath the area of the missing tooth or teeth. The list goes on and on.

A long history of progress

Tooth replacement with dental implants surpasses what our ancestors had available to them. Long ago, men attempted to replace missing teeth with shells or bone of the deceased. When dentures were finally developed, they were highly uncomfortable and looked anything but natural. With advances to dental materials and techniques came improvements in the design of dentures. Still, dentures and even dental bridgework lack one very important thing: a root.

Finally, a solution!

Our natural teeth are held in place via their roots. Why shouldn’t we expect the same from the prosthetics that replace teeth when they are lost? This is exactly what implant treatment does. In one straightforward process, the root and the missing tooth can be replaced. The stabilization that follows is so similar to what nature intended that patients often report feeling no difference between implants and natural teeth.

Keep a high quality of life in your years! Consider dental implants if tooth replacement becomes necessary.

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