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Great reasons to consider improving your smile in Chicago, IL

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Dr. Theodore M. Siegel,, Big Smile Dental Providing Affordable Dental Implant

In 2012, Stephanie Piller nearly had the title of Mrs. Illinois America wrapped up – the judges said she just needed some smile enhancement. While their frank feedback had a big impact on Stephanie’s confidence, she decided to take positive action with a makeover at Big Smile Dental in Chicago, IL. If you are considering improving your smile, be sure to watch her video.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is one or a combination of cosmetic treatments specifically designed to improve the appearance of your smile. It begins with a consultation, where I ask a lot of questions. I take as much time as necessary to understand what you like and do not like about your smile, what you want to accomplish, and lifestyle factors that might influence care. Then I develop a personalized treatment plan to get you there – immediately, or phased in over time.

Unexpected benefits

 At the completion of your smile makeover, you will have a gorgeous grin. Many patients also experience:

  • A tremendous boost in self-esteem. They smile readily, become more outgoing, and love having their picture taken.
  • Improved oral health. Most patients are so pleased with results that they take addition measures to maintain their smiles. Extra brushing and flossing, and maintaining checkups at Big Smile Dental reduce risks of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues.
  • Fitness – I can’t promise you will be healthier as a result of cosmetic dentistry, but many patients cut back on snacks and coffee, tea, or cola after having work done. They may also be motivated to quit smoking. Renewed self-confidence inspires some to get in better shape to complement their new smile.

If you are thinking of improving your smile, and you want to be treated like a queen or king, call me at 773-938-5908 in Chicago, IL.


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