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Invisalign: An invisible sign of the times

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Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Describing invisible sign of the times

“You’ve got something stuck on your teeth.” It’s always embarrassing to hear that phrase. It’s even worse when the something is bright silver, shaped like a train track, and it’s going to be stuck there for years. Yes, braces do a great thing for your teeth, but not so much for your social life.

In the past, there was no choice. Your smile had to get worse before it could get better – or else you could live with crooked teeth forever. Of course, that was in the old days, when blackberry was a fruit, drivers had to tell cars when to turn, and social networking meant meeting some friends for lunch. How times have changed…

Invisalign is the brace of the future. Born of modern technology and innovative design, this system has revolutionized orthodontics in less than 15 years. Gone are the snide remarks, the metal, the limited food options, and the crooked teeth. The concept behind Invisalign is simple. An aligner fits over your teeth like a snug clear plastic cover. It is a little extra tight in certain spots, gently pushing teeth in specific directions. Step-by-step, a series of clear aligners can nudge your teeth into optimal alignment.


Like most modern innovations, the simplicity of Invisalign is made possible by a mind-boggling amount of complex technology. To begin with, a virtual version of your smile is created, and the effects of treatment are simulated using ClinCheck software. Any adjustments can be made on-screen; to perfect your plan before treatment ever begins.

How is the digital design turned into clear aligners without losing those subtle details? With robots, of course! The state-of-the-art Invisalign facility is entirely computerized, creating customized appliances with precision accuracy. The result is a comfortable, effective, invisible device.

Two decades ago, who would have guessed you could take a silly video of yourself with your phone, post it on Facebook for the world to see, and keep your braces a secret?

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