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Chicago dental patients can straighten their teeth with Invisalign treatment and avoid referral to an orthodontist

Dental patients who want to straighten their teeth for a better smile often think they need a referral to an orthodontist and years of traditional orthodontic treatment. However, Dr. Theodore Siegel, of Big Smile Dental in Chicago, can work with his patients to align their teeth quickly, effectively, and without embarrassing brackets and wires.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign orthodontic treatment uses transparent plastic trays to gently shift the teeth into their proper positions. Patients receive a custom treatment plan and move to a new tray approximately every two weeks until their teeth are straight, and their smile is beautiful.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign offers many advantages over traditional braces.

Whether you’ve always wanted to improve your smile but didn’t undergo treatment, or if your teeth have shifted after previous orthodontic treatment, Invisalign can help. To find out if you’re a candidate for Invisalign orthodontic treatment, call Big Smile Dental at 773-772-8400 today.


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