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Fabulous function: Invisalign treatment in Chicago

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Dr. Theodore Siegel Provides Invisalign treatment in Chicago

Most people would love to have straight, evenly-spaced teeth. For many, Invisalign makes a gorgeous natural smile a reality. There are also important functional reasons to consider treatment. Big Smile Dental in Chicago shares this helpful information.

Chew on this

Each type of tooth plays a vital role in helping you process nutritious foods into digestible bits:

  • Incisors. Front and center, top and bottom, these eight teeth cut into food. Imagine trying to take a bite out of an apple with angled front teeth.
  • Canines. The next four teeth are pointed, intended for ripping and tearing. With crooked canines, you have difficulty devouring a juicy steak.
  • Premolars. Bicuspids are square and flat, designed for grinding firm and chewy foods such as sharp cheese or pizza crust.
  • Molars. Now we are talking serious mastication. The bite force on these teeth can be about 777 Newtons, or 174 pounds per square inch. When these players are not properly aligned, celery, nuts, and whole grains may be out of your diet.
  • Third molars. Wisdom teeth are not essential, and if they come in crowded, shifted, or twisted, they can impact alignment of the whole arch.

Alignment matters

Have you ever had a wheel on your car out of alignment? The tread probably wore unevenly, leaving you thumping along the highway, or stranded with a flat. The relationship of upper and lower teeth is kind of like the tire and the road. When any tooth is crooked, it doesn’t strike its counterpart correctly. That results in unusual wear, and could cause fractures, chips, and breakage. In addition, misalignment reduces chewing efficiency.

A clearly comfortable alternative

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses smooth, transparent aligners to gently move crooked teeth into attractive, functional position. Call Big Smile Dental in Chicago at 773-772-8400 to learn more about Invisalign.

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