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Why Invisible Braces in Chicago Are the Adult Way to Get Braces

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If you’ve always wanted to have your smile fixed, but never did, why should you have to suffer through the embarrassment associated with being an adult wearing metal braces? Luckily, you don’t have to. Invisible braces allow you to fix your smile without anyone else even knowing you’re doing it. Don’t be self-conscious or embarrassed. Be confident. Learn more about invisible braces.

Adults Are Perfect Candidates for Invisible Braces In Chicago

It’s not only children that should be able to get their teeth straightened. However, many adults shy away from the idea of getting braces because it tends to ruin their professional or mature credibility. Invisible braces make a straight smile an attainable reality for many people. It’s faster and a more predictable way to straighten your teeth.

Invisible braces work through a series of clear plastic molds, which fit your teeth exactly. You wear each mold for two weeks, and then move to the next in the series. This systematically, gradually, and sequentially moves your teeth into the alignment that will produce the best possible results.

Are Invisible Braces More Expensive Than Traditional Braces?

Invisible braces are usually a little more expensive than traditional metal braces but not at Big Smile Dental. We place so many patients in Invisalign that we get a discounted price and we pass the savings on to you. So it’s actually less expensive than metal braces. There are also many benefits that invisible braces have over metal braces.

Firstly, invisible braces use a much more advanced technology, and are molded to match your exact teeth. There are no wires to tighten, because you just move to the next personalized alignment tray to make the next adjustment. You can see before and after photos before even beginning the procedure, very similarly to plastic surgery.

Next, invisible braces are so personalized to your own teeth that there is virtually no pain. You can keep your teeth cleaner, get faster results, and not deal with the pain or embarrassment that metal braces are sure to provide. Why should everyone have to know that you’re making a change?

Do yourself a favor and don’t be ashamed of your smile any longer. The choice is clear, with invisible braces.

For more information about invisible braces you can reach us at or call for a free consultation regarding the different types of braces and veneers.

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