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Is brushing hurting your teeth?

You know that you need to brush your teeth regularly. Do you know how to brush them? It might seem like a-no-brainer – put toothpaste on brush, clean teeth, and rinse. It is simple, but the way you do these things matters.
Do you have any of these harmful habits?
•        Hurrying – Yes, your schedule is busy but don’t rush when you brush. It doesn’t take that long (two or three minutes); you would be sacrificing oral health for a few seconds of time.
•        Missing the gumline – The most important area to brush is the easiest to miss. Make sure you clean thoroughly along the gumline. If this makes your gums bleed, see your dentist ASAP.
•        Skipping the floss – Brushing only cleans about 2/3 of the surface.
•        Using hard bristles – Enamel can be damaged by hard toothbrushes, or applying too much pressure. Remember, you are brushing, not scouring.
•        Skipping dental visits – True, this isn’t part of your morning routine, but it should be on your schedule, every six months.


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